Saturday, June 4, 2011

Fun little treat!

The boys got a fun little treat at the spring fling party to take home with them yesterday.  It was a cupcake in an ice cream cone with frosting and sprinkles on top.  My friend Carrie made them...super cute idea!  The boys were very excited to eat them today.  Here's a few pics of them enjoying there fun treat!

Molly sat by them the whole time hoping maybe they would drop some!

It was super hot here today.  But I love it...I'm not complaining.  I'll take summer over winter any day.  Chris went to a friends house in our old neighborhood this morning to get some work done on the Honda.  It's been acting up a bit for awhile now.  When you step on the brake the steering wheel would shake.  So, that was his project this get the car fixed.  And it took them a couple of hours, but the Honda's back in good shape!  

While he was gone today, I decided to clean my car out really good.  So, I pulled out all the mats and gave them a good scrubbing.  I detailed the inside as best I could and I vacuumed all the crunched up goldfish and pretzels up.  It's amazing how much junk I vacuumed up!  Now she's all clean till the next time the kids get in the car :)  

While I cleaned my car out, Chayce took and nap and Vann played with Kenny (his little buddy who lives next door to us).  Nicole, Kenny's mom, set up a  slip-n-slide for them to play on.  And they had a blast!  I unfortunately didn't capture any pictures because I was too busy cleaning...bad mom!  But I do know Vann had a great time.  Thanks Nicole for watching him while I got some work done!  

We're making kabobs for dinner tonight...chicken, mushrooms, onions, green peppers and pineapple...I can't wait!  What are you having for dinner??

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