Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Random thoughts...

I have a busy day tomorrow.  Lots of packing, sheets need to be washed, clean the fish tank, clean the house, pack the car...all on top of my regular stuff with the kiddos.  I think I may need a few extra hours tomorrow!  Why all this craziness you ask??  It's vacation time again!  

The boys and I are driving to IA on Thursday (8 hours) to visit my family for the weekend.  It's my 15 year class reunion so, we're having a little get together on Saturday.  And it's the Marcus Fair...the boys love riding all the rides!  The thing I love about going home...besides seeing my family (mom, sister, niece, nephew, grandma, grandpa, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends, etc)...is that it's a nice break from the suburbs.  You can see the stars and hear the crickets at night, everybody waves at each other, people stop by unannounced just to say 'hi', every time you go somewhere you see somebody you know, things slow down...it's great!

In case you're wondering, my mom lives (and where I lived from age 14 to 21) in a little town called Cleghorn, IA...total population - 225 people.  My grandma and grandpa live in Cleghorn too...a couple of blocks from my mom.  Then 5 miles (country miles - all corn/bean fields) down the road is Marcus, IA.  I went to high school in Marcus...population - 1200.  My graduating class was 42 students.  So, needless to say, it's a bit different from where we live now.  I don't think I could live there forever, but I love visiting!  

What is Chris doing while the boys and I are relaxing in IA??  He's flying to KS City and then driving to Table Rock for his best friend's (Aaron's) bachelor party.  They're all staying at Aaron's cabin and plan on doing a lot of boating, grilling and beer drinking.  

Ok, my random thoughts turned into a mini bio...sorry 'bout that!

Back to randomness...

Have I ever told you how much I love swiss cheese?!  Well, I do...I love it!  

Do you ever hear a song and it fits into your life perfectly and it in some weird way comforts you?  That happened to me today...twice.  On my way to the grocery store I heard the first song...'A Little Bit Stronger' by Sara Evans...and then on my way home I heard the second...'Listen To Your Heart' by Roxette.  My friend is going through something right now and I'm having a hard time dealing with it.  Anyhow, the first song was like she was talking to me...basically telling me everything is going to be ok and she will survive.  And the second song, was like me talking to her...telling her as long as she follows her heart, all will fall into place.  These two songs somehow made me a little more at peace with what's going on with her.  Is this making any sense??  Do you ever have songs impact you that way?  Maybe take you back to a place or time in your life?    

Man, this randomness post is turning out to be more like a diary!

I should probably call it quits and get to bed before I share my deepest, darkest secret...


  1. Have a great vacation! Too funny...I wrote a random thoughts post today too :)

  2. Though I know both songs very well, I looked up the lyrics. I can see what you're saying and I'd consider it a sign. We're going to get through this: Together. Just like always. Love you!


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