Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Little Bit of This...Little Bit of That

I have to tell you what Chayce is doing right now (7:20pm).  It's so freakin' cute...seriously, I wish you were all here to see it.  Remember how I told you the boys are in love with the song Jingle Bells?  Well, they are.  And they want to listen to it all day joke.  Well, right now my cute little Chaycers is listening to Jingle Bells...on just a shirt...running around a pillow that's in the middle of the floor...singing his little heart's adorable!  Meanwhile Vann is watching the Muppets Christmas show.  Yep, that's what's going on in my house right stuff!  

Ok, I'm back from my mommy duties...aka bath, book, kisses and bed.  Love those boys!

So, I swear I'm not gonna turn into a coupon blog...but if you know me well, then you know how much I love coupons, saving money and a good bargain.  And I may from time to time share my most favorite deals with you in hopes that maybe you'll get as excited about them as I do.  This one had me doing cartwheels...well not literally, but you get my drift.  Calling all Target lovers!...a FREE $10 gift card with any $50 purchase at Target.  How sweet is that?!  I mean I don't even have to try to spend $50 at pretty much happens the second I walk through those doors.  The thing expires this weekend on Dec. 3rd, 2011  So, print it right away and get shopping!  (Thanks Hip2save!)

Ok, back to regular blogging business...

My finger still misses my ring, I hope they call soon to say it's all fixed and ready to be picked up.

I put our Christmas tree up downstairs this past weekend.  I love sitting down here with it pretty!  It's got white lights with red/silver ornaments...I love it!  I still need to put the tree upstairs up.  We'll do that this weekend.  The boys love that one cuz that's where all their special ornaments are...the fun ones.  And Vann loves the colored lights...they're his fav!  I loved colored lights as a kid too.  

I have some pics of the crafts we've done the past couple of days...

Up first is their scarecrow puppet...

The boys were cracking up while I was taking was hilarious!

Ok, here they are...all the kiddos...Mia, Lia, Vann and Chayce.  

Then the giggling started again...look at those cute boys!

Next up is the Harvest Mobile.  I've only got pics of them painting it, but after they dried we did put together a little mobile and decorated the pumpkins a little more with pumpkin seeds and stuff.  

Chaycers painting his pumpkin

Vann rinsing his brush out...

Painting his corn...

The little one and his corn...

Chayce was watching a video of him and Vann on our Flip camera.  They both love watching videos of themselves!

So, there you have it...a little bit of this and a little bit of that.  I should really get to bed, but first I'm going to watch Revenge.  I'll pay for it tomorrow though.  Speaking of tomorrow...I'm getting my hair cut...yay!   

Have a great night!

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