Saturday, November 26, 2011

Some Sweet Deals

I know this isn't a coupon blog I'm running here, but I'm gonna share a few great deals with ya.  I figure if I like 'em, you may too!  

The first one is for Old Navy...
$20 Old Navy voucher from Groupon for $ can buy up to two vouchers.  So, you save 50%!  It expires December 24, 2011, just in time for the holidays.

*The second one is for OUT...sorry!*
This ones a bit more complicated so, bear with me.  
$50 voucher from Plum District for $ here.  It expires May 25, 2012 and it cannot be used on food, diapers, diaper accessories and gift certificates, but they have tons of things it can be used on.  To make that even better, today you can get 40% off this deal through Plum District making your $50 voucher cost you only $15!  And if you're a first time buyer from them they'll give you a $5 bonus so, you're voucher will only be $10...sweet!  And if you can believe it, this deal gets even is having their Black Friday sale, which goes through November 30, 2011, and they're giving you $20 off of a $50 purchase or $40 off a $100 purchase.  So, if you put $100 worth of Ecomom items in your shopping cart, they'll take off $40 making your total $60.  Then you use your $50 voucher bringing the total down to $10.  So, you're getting $100 worth of stuff for $20...score!  And to top it off the shipping is FREE!  I must tell you though that the website is super duper slow and it keeps acting up, but from what I've read on their facebook page, they're doing their best to get it fixed.  I'm hoping to finish up my Christmas presents for all the kiddos I buy for with this awesome deal! 

Also, if you happen to click on the links I provided and you buy the vouchers, I will get a credit for referring you...just wanted to let ya know so, you didn't think I was being sneaky.  

Ok, there you have it...some sweet deals!  

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  1. Thanks for the reminder about Old Navy. I got in there with only a couple hours to spare on the deal!

    I was excited about the ecomom one as well...though I've never heard of them. But apparently the deal is done or sold out, according to their website. Ah well...


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