Thursday, December 29, 2011

I Over Slept!

I set my alarm for 5:50 every morning.  Usually I hit the snooze once and then I'm up and in the shower.  My first daycare kiddo shows up anywhere between 6:45 & 7:00.  Well, today something different happened.  I set my alarm before bed.  Had a great little sleep.  I hear a pitter patter of feet in my bedroom.  I think to myself, while still mostly sleeping...little Chaycers needs to get back in bed, it's too early to be up.  See usually I'm up before he is...not today.  As I'm getting out of bed to put him back in bed, I glance over at my clock...7:03am!!!  What?!?!  How did that happen??  I still don't know.  I checked to see if my alarm was set...yep, set.  I don't even remember snoozing the alarm once, but I must've snoozed it way more than once!  I rush to the window...our bedroom window over looks our driveway...yep, my daycare family is here...aagghhh!  I hurry downstairs to unlock the door...totally aware that my hair is in about a million places...still rocking my coke bottle glasses (I've got some bad eyes) bra or deoderant time to brush my teeth...I'm a mess!  

After letting them in, the mom tells me she rang the doorbell...didn't hear that either!  I must've been tired.  Really, really tired!  She didn't seem to mind, but I was super embarrassed.  This has only happened to me three times, this being the third time, in the 6 years I've had the daycare.  So yeah, that was the start to my day.  

First chance I got, I rushed upstairs to put myself together a bit.  I took the baby with me and entertained her as I was freshening up.  Meanwhile, the boys decided to play Legos.  And this is the cuteness I came back downstairs to...

Chayce is very busy building...

Vann's digging in his huge box of Legos.  Santa brought that enormous box for Christmas.  Lots of Lego creations can be made out of that box! 

Chayce wanted me to take a picture of his 'eye' know the ones with eyes on them.  Well, you can't see the 'eye' Legos...they're in his little fingers....but the picture turned out pretty cool!

My sweet boys!

Vann built an apple tree.

Thankfully the rest of my day was pretty uneventful.  I made a trip to Target Christmas trees left...bummer.  I did pick up some ornaments though.  My little tree that I do in white lights and red ornaments could use a few more ornaments so, I figured why not pick some up while they're on sale.  I was hoping to find a tree skirt I liked on sale luck.  

While at Target, Vann wanted to spend some of the Christmas money Grandma Olson gave him.  He got a Wii points card so, he could download the old Paper Mario game from the Nintendo Shop.  He's been wanting that game for forever now.  So, the boys jumped on the Wii right when we got home and downloaded the game.  Thanks Grandma...the boys think the game is awesome!  

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  1. LOL..I hate when that happens. It's rare that it does! Thank goodness we have kids to wake us up ;) Caleb got a big box of Lego for Christmas too, but he isn't into yet :(


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