Saturday, February 11, 2012

My Saturday

When I was shopping at Target today, I picked up a bunch of fun Valentine's stuff for my daycare kiddos and my boys.  I love holidays!  

I was wanting to get the boys just a little something, other than candy or snacks, to open on Valentine's Day.  I searched and searched till I found the most perfect thing...a small Power Rangers Lego set...two of their favorite things combined...awesome!  I also got them each a Lego can never have too many books.  I'm looking forward to a fun filled Valentine's Day with the kids!  

We didn't end up taking the boys to open gym today.  I figured with Chayce being a little sick, it probably wasn't such a good idea.  We'll go next week for sure.

The boys are both really good about helping around the house.  They know I like to keep things tidy and each toy/thing has its home...well most of them do anyhow.  They like to help with chores, like feeding the dog, putting their clothes away, making beds, stuff like that.  Well, Chris and I thought it was about time to reward them for their hard work.  Teach them the value of a dollar.  So, they both have certain chores to do everyday and if they complete them they'll earn money at the end of the day.  And I gotta tell ya, they're both super excited about it! Vann already knows what he's saving his money for...a Wii game of course :)  

We watched Spy Kids's a pretty cute movie.  Vann just loved it!  He said, 'That movie was awesome!'  I'm sure he'll be reenacting scenes all day tomorrow :)

I'm off to watch another movie on Netflix.  Have a great night!

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