Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Valentine's Boxes

The kiddos painted Valentine's boxes today.  And once they're dry we'll cut a hole in the center, add a flag and decorate it more with puffy heart stickers...fun, fun!

Chaycers painting his Valentine's box

He's focused...check out that tongue!

He was digging the swirl action of the paints.  

Vann's loading up his brush.

He was working on more of a design

Don't forget the sides!

Did you do anything fun for Super Bowl??  We usually always have a big party.  This year we went super small.  Our friends, Sam and Mike, and Chris's sister and fiance, Casey and Kirk, came over.  It was a really good time!  Got to chit chat with the girls and eat some yummy food while all the kids played so nicely together.  One of the highlights of every Super Bowl is Chris's green chili.  It's the bomb-diggity!  Seriously...it's so flippin' good!

Hope your having a great Tuesday!

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  1. HAHA...love the tongue action! And I better not let me kids look at these pictures, they will want Vann's t-shirt!
    Mark had some friends over to watch the game, but no girls came, so it was just me and the boys. How exciting :/ Green chili sounds interesting!


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