Friday, January 11, 2013

Dance Party

The boys had a dance party last night.  They both took their shirts off and got busy moving and grooving.  It was adorable!  They were both so into it...singing and dancing their little hearts out!  

Chaycers singing...they have a new favorite's the Austin & Ally CD.  Vann got it for Christmas from Santa and they were both super excited because they love that show.  So, we've listened to it numerous times every day since then.  They love it!

Air shot!  (Kinda cool, even though I cut his head off)

Chayce doing the butt spin!

Vann's in the air again...more break dancing from Chayce

Vann's doing a little break dancing himself :)

Cart wheels!

It's 7:34am and the boys already have the Austin & Ally CD on.  Chaycers has his jammie shirt unbuttoned and is singing and it!  

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