Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

We've been doing a lot of fun crafts to celebrate Valentine's Day this week.  We made heart banners to hang around the house, hearts for the front door, it's very pink and red in here :)  The boys have done a lot of painting...mixing red and white to make pink...making hearts out of their handprints...sponge painting...all sorts of fun things!  

Chaycers painting

Vann painting

Sponge painting around the hearts...

When the paint dried, we took the hearts off and where they were it was white...kinda cool :)

Making a heart sun catcher

We had a little Valentine's Day party with some friends this morning.  It was fun!  My friend Paige brought over some cute games for the kids to play which they enjoyed.  We had lots of yummy snacks.  I made pink mini muffins, red kettle korn, pink rice krispie treats cut into hearts, fruit cut into hearts, all sorts of stuff.  I also made some candy covered pretzels for the kiddos' Valentine treats.  They were super easy and very yummy!  And Paige also brought over some chocolate covered strawberries...can you say deliciousness?!  I may have had one too may of those :)

I did some dipped in white with red squiggles

And some dipped in red with white squiggles

I'm going to need a sugar detox after all of this!  Chris gets home tonight.  He went to Atlanta for work on Tuesday morning so, it's just been me and the boys for a few days.  They're excited for him to come home.  

I hope you're having a 'love'ly day!!

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