Sunday, March 24, 2013

He's got a tooth!!

Baby Ash got his first little tooth yesterday!!  I've been waiting for it to poke through for forever now and it finally did...yay!  He's also been very busy working on crawling.  Since I talked to you last, he's started getting all the way up of his hands and knees.  And he rocks back and forth.  Today you can really tell he's thinking about what to do once he gets up in that position.  He tries moving his knee forward and then of course face plants.  It won't be long before he figures out he needs to move his hands too and then watch out!  

Up on all fours!

All three boys hanging out in the family room.  

The boys had a birthday party at the neighbors house yesterday afternoon.  It was actually pretty nice outside...40 degrees, but sunny so it felt warmer.  They put a jumphouse up and the boys had fun!  

I went to this store called 'Five Below' today.  It's kind of like a dollar store, but everything is $5 or less.  And they have some nice stuff, it's not all just a bunch of junk.  I wanted to pick up some fun things for the boys for their Easter baskets.  I also wanted a case for our Kindle.  It's amazing how quickly $1, $2 and $5 things add up so quickly!  Before I knew it, I had dropped $65 on a bag full of stuff.  I still need to get Baby Ash a few things...I'm thinking a small toy and some Puffs since he loves to eat those.  I can't wait to decorate eggs with the boys this week.  I love it...all the pretty fun!   

Random info...I went to Caputos yesterday, it's a grocery store, anyhow as I'm shopping I notice this ginormous container of Nutella.  I'm talking this sucker was big!  And it cost $54!!  I should've taken a picture to show you.  If I remember I'll take one next time I'm there.

Okay, well dinner's almost ready so, I gotta go.  Chris grilled some hamburgers and veggies.  The boys love burgers so, they're super excited!  

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