Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Chicken Eggs

I've got some new babies in the house to take care of...our chicken eggs!  I'm so excited to be doing this with the boys.  I remember hatching some when I was little.  Such a fun thing for the boys to get to see.  We picked the eggs up on Monday and we put them in our already warmed up incubator.  So, we should have some baby chicks in about 3 weeks!  I'm sure you're thinking...what is she going to do with all the baby chicks??  Once they're hatched, we take them back to the farm where the eggs came from and they'll raise them there.  Cool, right?!  Once they start hatching I'll be sure to post more pictures.  Until then, I'll be keeping a close eye on the temp and humidity in the incubator and turning them 3 times a day so, hopefully they'll all grow into baby chicks!

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