Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Vann vs Food

You know that show 'Man vs Food'?  Well Chris watches it sometimes.  And Sunday night at dinner before Vann bites into his big hamburger he says, 'Vann vs Food'...in his best announcer voice.  Chris and I both chuckle.  At the end of the meal, with just a little burger left, Vann declares that 'Food wins.'  It was cute!

This morning he did it again...this time he loaded his plate up with two sausage rollups and two ham and cheese rollups.  And he says, 'Vann vs Food'...again in his best announcer voice.  Chayce who is sitting beside him asks him why he keeps saying that.  Vann tells him 'because of that show on tv.'  Chayce sits and thinks for a minute before saying, 'Finger vs Crumbs'...in his little announcer voice.  And he begins pushing all the crumbs on the table into a pile.  Freaking hilarious!  

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