Sunday, June 16, 2013

Picnic and Trophy

I loaded all the kiddos up and we went to the farmer's market up in Schaumburg on Friday.  My friend Paige and her kiddos met us there.  I was super excited to buy some more flavored honey.  They were out of strawberry, my fav, but they did have, lemon, raspberry and cherry so, I bought one of each.  I also got a buckwheat because it's good for the kids if they ever get a cough or sore throat.  

While we were there we looked for something fun for Chris for father's day.  I ended up getting him some hot sauce, BBQ sauce, a spicy mustard and some smoked swiss cheese.  Sounds like a strange present to some, but it's right up his alley.  He was most excited about the smoked swiss cheese.  

After making our rounds at all the stands at the farmer's market, we walked over to this little pond and had a picnic.  We tried to feed the ducks, but it was so strange...they wanted nothing, I'm talking nothing to do with our bread.  I think they may have been fed a few too many times already that day.  The kids had fun chasing them around the pond throwing bread at them anyhow.  There were a few ducklings which were adorable to watch.  If they ever got too behind, they would swim super duper fast to catch was cute.  

All the kiddos eating their lunch.  From left to right...Carter, Logan, Chayce, Harley, Nick, Nate and Vann

Chayce peeking his head over to feed the ducks.  Here's the momma and her babies.  

Then Friday night Vann had his baseball party.  We had a little BBQ, the kids ran around and played and then Coach handed out the trophies.  It was nice to talk to all the mom's and dad's outside of a game.  I've made a few new friends that I'm hoping I can keep in touch with even after baseball is over.  

Coach saying a few nice words about the team

Vann and Coach Jeff

The whole team

Silly faces!

We have one more game on Monday night and then baseball is over.  I know Vann is going to miss seeing his new friends.  He's already excited about playing baseball again next year.  

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