Friday, July 12, 2013

4th of July Vacation

We go visit Chris's family and friends in Kansas every 4th of July.  We've been doing it ever since Vann was a baby.  It's always so good to get away for a bit, spend some qt time with his fam and friends, relax in the sun, blow some fireworks up, you know all that fun stuff!

This was Baby Ash's first long trip in the car.  And I gotta tell ya, he did fantastic!  He did get a little fussy during the last couple of hours on the way home, but it's an 11 hour drive so, I didn't blame him.  The older two did awesome too.  But I knew they'd be fine.  They spent a lot of time playing their Nintendo ds's, watched a few movies, played make believe with some action figures and napped.  They didn't complain the entire time.  Although Chayce did ask about 30 minutes into the drive down there if we were there yet...ha, not quite lil' buddy!

Now for a ton of pics...are you ready?!

We left Tuesday morning and drove to Kansas City where Chris's best friend, Aaron, lives.  We ate dinner with him and his wife, Hannah, spent the night and then headed to Derby Wednesday morning.

On the way to Kansas City.  He was a tired baby.  

Vann showing Chayce something on his ds.

Grandma Rana had some yummy frozen treats for the boys when we got there.  

Ash and Molly

She had this cool tent thing.  It was nice and big...I liked it so much she gave it to me!  Thanks Rana!!

My boys :)

Filling up the pool.  I'm not sure how kids swim in hose's so cold!!  But they love it :)

Let's go under...1, 2, 3 go!  

Meanwhile Ash is getting some Casey snuggles.

He was digging the goggles.  

Chayce and I

All the kids telling Chris what fireworks to do.

Seriously, how cute is he?!

And here's another cutie!

We decided to do something different on the 4th.  We took the boys mini golfing at this super fun place.  I think it was called All Star Sports or something like that.  They had all kinds of stuff to do...arcade, mini golf, bowling, batting cages, bumper cars, go karts, etc.

Ash loved to drive the cars!  It was adorable.  He'd squeal with excitement every time he got ahold of that wheel :)

Vann getting ready to putt.

Love them!

Grandma and Ash

Casey, Chayce, Vann and Andy

Chayce putting

Taking a little break

After mini golf we hit the batting cages.  Andy did awesome!  I did not do awesome.  But it was my first time and I was happy I connected with the ball at all.  My abs hurt like heck the next day from my powerful swings :)  It was a little fast for the boys so, Andy ended up just throwing them a few pitches.  


Skeeball!  I love this game.

They raced a lot.  Although Chayce couldn't reach the pedals so, I had to help him with that.

When we got back it was firework prep time.  

Derek and sweet.

Vann, Chayce and Quintin getting ready for some fireworks.


Yay!!  They loved them!

Tired baby Ash...he was so sleepy, but when I tried to rock him to sleep it was sooo noisy with all the fireworks going off around town.  So, I thought I'd let him watch a few.  He loved them!  His little head would turn and look all around every time he heard a boom or a pop.  I was surprised he didn't flinch at all.  

Casey and Ash

Watching fireworks with Mom.  After about 20 minutes, I took him back inside and he fell asleep super quick.  And he stayed asleep through all the noisy fireworks.  He didn't sleep through the night, but at least he managed to sleep through all the noise.

Ash wants in the pool.

Vann getting his feet wet.

Chayce wanted to be just like Vann :)

Drying off in the sun.

Chaycers was sooo tired he fell asleep while playing his ds before dinner.  It was so cute!  And there was a lot of action in the house...people in and out, making plates of food, etc.  He slept through it all.  I think he slept close to 2 hours...I did move him to a more comfortable position...and then he ate dinner, took a shower and went to bed for the night.  Sleepy boy!

Happy baby!!

More Derek time.  He was loving baby Ash snuggles :)

Quintin, Vann, Kacie, and Chayce

Ash, Casey and Andy

Picture with Grandma before hitting the road to come home.

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