Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Boys

A few pics from last week...

Nick, Vann and Chayce checking out their Club Lego magazine.  

Here's more of that crazy hat!  He wore it all day one day...silly boy.


Lego time

Here's some pics of my cute baby.  He's really good at waving now, practices standing up all the time, still only taking two steps here and there, started saying mamama (not in reference to me just yet), he's got four top teeth poking through and another on the bottom is starting to come up, loves playing with a bouncy ball and thinks he's hilarious when he pulls my kitchen towel off the stove...he's a busy baby!  


I love this one!

Standing up!

Eating my camera lens cap

Look what I've got Mom!

The boys pulled out their old school video games...ya know the joystick that plugs into the tv.  They get a kick out of playing them.
All three boys watching Vann play some car game

Chayce loves playing with Ash.  Here's Ash getting him :)

Here's a little of the crazy that happens 'round these parts :)

He means business...

'Hey Mom, take a picture of me riding my bike!'

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