Monday, September 2, 2013

Our Trip to Iowa

We had a great lil' vacation in Iowa.  Got to spend some time and catch up with my family and friends.  And the boys all had fun with their cousins...well actually second cousins, I think.  I have a lot of pictures to share...I hope you're ready!

We stopped at my Aunt Jean's house for dinner on the way to the hotel Wednesday night.  She made steak fajitas...yum! 

Chaycers with a balloon animal Dad made him at Aunt Jean's house. 

We spent all day Thursday at my Grandma's house.  The boys played at the park across the street pretty much all day long.  This was the night we lost Molly.  It was so crazy...she was there and then just not there.  We looked and called for her with no luck.  I so wish she could tell us what she did all night long.  We ended up finding her the next morning with the help of Facebook.  I held myself together all night, but when I read that someone had found her I busted into tears.  I was so happy and relieved!  

Shopping at the little grocery store in town with Grandma.  

Ash meeting Abby...he liked her :)

Grandma and Ash

Belle and Ash...she was my lil' side kick, I loved it!  Such a sweetie and a great helper.  Anytime she could get ahold of baby Ash she was all about it :)

Chris, Tristen, Vann and Chayce playing pool.  The boys loved playing with Tristen!  I think they played hide and seek for a few hours :)

Jean giving Ash some kisses

Chayce and Vann relaxing on Great Grandma's couch

Petting Abby...such a sweet kitty

Friday we hung out at my Grandma's again and then took the kids bowling that afternoon.  We haven't been bowling in almost two years so, we were all excited!  

Chayce is getting ready to bowl

Here he goes...

Vann's up next...

Ash chilled in a high chair and watched us bowl...he was a happy camper!

Saturday we met my friend, Laura, and her kiddos at the park.  When lunchtime rolled around we last minute decided to head up to the Pizza Ranch.  Then we headed back to the hotel to change clothes and get ready for the wedding.  Ash was very talkative at the church during the wedding.  He was loving the fans and lights and was very vocal about all of it :)  Then when they said their vows he got even more noisy!  So, I put him on the floor in front of me for a change of scenery and he got quiet for a few seconds when he bonked his head on the hymnal holder...yep not quiet anymore.  In fact, this time he was crying...poor lil' guy.  So, Chris took him to the back of the church as not to disrupt anymore of the ceremony.  

After the ceremony, we headed uptown to the bar with some of my fam.  We had a few beers, the boys played foosball, then we decided it was time to go to the reception.  We stayed there till almost 10pm, I think.  The boys were all troopers.  Chayce did get a lil' cranky near the end because he was tired.  I wish he wasn't so shy because I would've loved to watch him do his new dance move on the dance floor, but he wasn't feeling it.  It was a good time and I got to see a bunch of family I haven't seen in a long time!

Ash was liking the horse ride at the Pizza Ranch.  When it stopped he would rock back and forth to tell us he wanted it to go again :)

All my boys playing foosball.  

I was shocked when Chris gave the boys a root beer to share...he's usually a stickler about sweets and junk food.  They enjoyed every drop :)


Ash walking around on the oh so clean bar floor.  He kept trying to eat all the popcorn people had not so much lil' buddy.  

Don't take my picture Mom!



Ash trying to pull the tent down

A little blurry cuz it's from my phone, but he's still a cutie :)

Chayce and I

Grandma and Ash

He liked her necklace a lot :)

The boys rode this merry-go-round for a looonng time.  

Belle and Ash...she's so little, I'm not sure how she lugged him around, but she did :)

We headed back home on Sunday morning.  The boys did great on the drive.  They kept busy by playing a lot of DS...whatever works, right?!  Ash did get a little fussy during the last hour of the trip...he was ready to be out of his carseat...I don't blame him.  

Grandma and Ash before we left.  Lightings not so great, but the pic is cute.

So excited in the car!

One group shot before we head home...turned out great!

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