Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Science Fun

One of the boys favorite subjects is science.  They love doing experiments.  They picked two from one of our science books that we did yesterday.  Here are some pics...

We made Super Goo!  Cornstarch and water...so simple yet so fun :)

Vann loved playing with it. 

Chaycers didn't like how it felt on his fingers at first.

Is it a solid?  Or a liquid?  Actually it's a colloid.

They made a big mess!  



We also made an egg float in the middle of a glass of water.  It's super simple too.  You fill a glass half full of water.  Add a bunch of salt...book said 6 TB, but our glass was smaller so, we could've added less I'm sure.  Then carefully fill the glass the rest of the way with water by pouring it over a spoon.  Gently place a regular egg in the glass and it should float on top of the salted water.  Cool right?!  

We did one egg in just plain water to show how it sunk to the bottom.  Then Chayce had the idea to put both eggs in the salted water...sure buddy give it a shot!

They both float!

So that was our science fun for the day!

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