Sunday, November 24, 2013

Naps are great!

I've been feeling like crap lately.  Not super sick or anything, just a lingering cold that is making my body ache and head hurt and throat sore and all that fun stuff.  Well today when I woke up I knew it was time to recharge with a nap at some point during the day.  I got all my chores done and shopping taken care of so, when little Ash took his second nap I could nap too.  I snuggled up in my cozy bed and it was fabulous!  While I napped the boys helped Dad cook dinner which included homemade pasta...seriously it's soooo good!  

It's soooo cold here.  Reminds me of how much I don't like winter and how much I wish we could move to Texas.  Odds of that happening anytime soon are slim, but a girl can dream, right?  

I'm bummed my favorite shows aren't on tonight.  The American Music Awards are on instead.  I just turned it on and Lady Gaga is performing.  I like her.  Speaking of my favorite shows.  Does anyone watch Scandal?  Nobody I know watches it.  I need to find someone who watches it so, I can talk about it with them.  It's such a crazy many twists.  

You know what I love...Christmas music!  Have you been listening to it?  I'm looking forward to putting our tree up this week...probably on Friday.  I'm excited to see what Ash will think of all the lights and ornaments.  When do you put your tree up?

Alrighty, I'm off to watch the rest of the AMA's.  Have a good night!  One last thought...Luke Bryan is hot :)

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