Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Ash loves books

Ash has found his love for books.  It happened yesterday and he is very adamant about reading the book of his choice over and over again.  I no joke read him the book 'The Very Busy Spider' a minimum of 50 times yesterday.  And that doesn't count all the times Vann and Chayce read it to him.  He.loves.that.book.  And it's adorable.  

Vann reading Ash 'The Very Busy Spider'

Chaycers reading a lift flap book with Ash

The boys all ready for bed tonight reading books to Ash.

So sweet, I love it.

Chayce's turn to sit behind Ash


Showing him how to rub the horses hair.

He's making the duck quack. 


Sweet baby

Reading another book.

I love that he loves books.

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