Thursday, February 20, 2014

Hamster fun

The boys have recently started creating little playgrounds for Bubblegum to play in while she's out of her cage.  Egg cartons, empty paper towel rolls, the shape sorter…all fun things for her to climb on and squeeze through.  And the kids think it's just hilarious!

She can fit through every single shape…the boys tried them all :)

I finally gave Ash a haircut this past weekend.  It was much needed.  And I cut Vann and Chayce's hair a few days later…they were all getting a little shaggy.  

Lil' cutie!

Drawing on his new magna doodle.

The boys watching a show downstairs.  Ash is, of course, making a silly face :)

He likes to climb up on the fireplace.  

It was warmer out today and rained a lot so a ton of snow melted!  I can even see grass in a few spots!!  And on that happy note, I'm off to bed :)

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