Sunday, October 11, 2015

Ash's 3rd birthday!

My baby turned 3!!  This little cutie is such a sweetheart.  I love his snuggles and the way he makes us all laugh.  He has the BEST goofy faces!  He looks up to his older brothers and wants to be just like them, but also dances to the beat of his own drum.  Love him to pieces!!  

Opening his presents!

He got a game for his
new tablet that he
hasn't opened yet.
Spiderman Legos!

A maze and preschool workbook.

This cool coloring book for little people.

A Vtech Innotab Max tablet!  I got it on super clearance a few months ago.  

He's like this is cool!

Ripping the tissue paper out!
A case for his tablet.

Lil' sweetie!

He got right to coloring! 
This one matches mom!

His first maze book.

I made a noise when I showed him how to do it so, he's making noises too!

He liked them!
Proud of himself :)

This one's a little trickier.

We learned about dead ends and what to do when you hit one.

He's dressed and ready for some tablet action!

His strawberry birthday cake.

Singing him Happy Birthday!
I love his face.  

Blowing his candles out!

Cutie pie!

I heart this pic.

And this one too!  

Love it!
Licking the frosting off.

Chayce is helping him with his preschool workbook. 

Adding stickers to the snowman.
Matching them up.

He ended the day with a surprise delivery from Grandma Rana!!  He signed for it and everything!

They dove in right away and started eating this deliciousness.  The chocolate covered apples had caramel on them too!

Rocking his ninja turtle mask :)  

We had a fun day celebrating his birthday!  I still cannot believe my baby is 3...where oh where does the time go?!  I am very lucky to be the mama of such an amazing little boy.  Stayed tuned for pics from his fun birthday outing to the trampoline place :)  

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