Saturday, October 10, 2015

Lego Dogbot

Here's a cool Lego creation the boys made a few weeks ago...a Dogbot!  Not only did they have fun building it, but then they made predictions and tested it to see which variations made the eyes move slower/faster, the mouth wider/smaller and the tail slower/faster.  

Their Dogbot!

I love watching and listening to them during this part.  Sometimes they predict the same things, sometimes they don't.

Recording their predictions.

One of my most favorite games growing up was Up Words.  My mom and I played this more times than I could even guess.  And she usually won, but that always fueled me to try and beat her!  I wish I had our score cool to look back on those huh?!  

This is the exact game I played when I was younger.  The letter holders are missing so, we improvised with books instead.  It's a great game to get you thinking.  I plan to play this often with my munchkins!  

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