Friday, December 11, 2015

Jupiter and Saturn

We're still enjoying our solar system unit from Elemental Science.  Last week we learned about Jupiter and this week we're learning about Saturn.  Seriously, space is so flippin' cool!  I cannot wait till we visit the Planetarium.  I think it'll be the perfect field trip to go along with this unit.  

They taped a bunch of paper together so
they could make this huge Jupiter.
And then they worked together to color it.

It's almost as big as Chaycers!

Taping it on the wall with our other planets.  We realized after putting Jupiter up that our sun needed to be a bit bigger so, we fixed'll see in our Saturn picture. 

Vann's drawing the
rings on Saturn.
Now they're coloring it. 

Adding it to our solar system.  See how we made the sun a little bigger.  And it's not near as big as it should be, but they know it's ginormous compared to the planets.

Chayce helping to tape it up on the wall. 

Vann sat down and drew the other day.  I think he is just like Chris with his artistic abilities.  Chris can draw and sculpt clay and paint so super well, it's amazing!  I do not have any of those talents, sorry boys lol.  I would love for him to explore drawing more.  But I'm all about just letting the boys dive into whatever their hearts desire.  My job is to make sure they have all the tools they need and then to give them the time and space to make their magic happen!

He's drawing a's from a Wii game, Paper Mario.

Pretty good right?!  I like him.  

Chayce spotted a pretty bird outside the other day.  He quick went and grabbed his binoculars so he could see him more closely.  

And then later that day he ran inside and said 'Mom you have to come see the sunset!'  Holy gorgeousness!!  It was breathtaking.  We all stood outside for awhile enjoying all the pretty colors.  So so cool!

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