Thursday, October 6, 2016

Dancing Cow

Are you ready for the most adorable dancing cow ever?!  Ash loooved this project.  First he drew his cow with a black oil pastel, then he painted it and began dancing around the house himself!

What I love about the lessons in Deep Space Sparkle is how Patty breaks down each project into simple steps so the kiddos can be successful in creating them.  If I told Ash to draw a cow, he wouldn't know where to start.  Shoot I wouldn't know where to start.  But when I say first draw the eyes, then a square for the nose, then his head, ears, body, etc.  I walk him through each step so he's not overwhelmed and before you know it he has the cutest lil dancing cow I've ever seen!  

After he drew his cow, he painted it with liquid watercolors. 

Painting his grass.  

And now his sky.

Okay so check out his fence...really good right?!  When I first said now it's time to make a fence, Ash immediately said I can't do that.  This was after drawing that amazing cow!  So we broke it into steps and focused on making rectangles and then connecting them.  This made is easy for him.  And the look on his face when he realized he drew a fence...priceless!

By the way...that's an udder lol. 

He loooves his dancing cow!!  And so do I!  

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