Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Ice cream cookie sandwiches

To go along with our dairy theme this week, the kids and I made some ice cream cookie sandwiches today.  We baked some chocolate chip cookies (recipe from Our Best Bites...and they're delish!) this morning.  Then we put a small scoop of ice cream (we had some Edy's in the freezer) between two cookies and squished them together a bit.  Popped them back in the freezer and we'll have them as part of our afternoon snack...yummo!  
I was almost out of milk chocolate chips so, we used some white ones too.  How fun do these look?!

Little Chaycers found a comfy spot to play his ds while I was rolling the cookies into balls...how cute is that?!

Molly is such a sweet dog!  

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  1. Haha...love that last pic! Boys ;)
    Those ice cream cookie sandwiches look delish!


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