Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Went to Buy Buy Baby yesterday to pick up a few things.  The boys picked out new toothbrushes, they got some lotion and soap, Chayce snagged some Annie's fruit snacks and we were good to go.  I asked Chayce a couple of times if he needed to go potty and each time he said no.  So, we're checking out and I look over at the boys and I see Chayce standing in a huge puddle of pee!  I guess we're not 100% on the potty training yet, but we're getting there :)

We had swimming lessons tonight.  The boys are loving them!  Vann really likes his teacher which makes me happy.  And Chaycers is in the parent-tot class so, I'm in the water with him.  He went down the alligator slide like 30 times tonight!  

Made some homemade ice cream with the kids today and we don't even have an ice cream maker...I was totally shocked it actually worked!  I have a pretty funny story about making ice cream when I was a teenager that I'll have to tell you about later, but let's just say that it didn't turn out so well.  So, when I saw this recipe I was very hesitant about it actually working.  

However, it was super easy and fun for the kids...Put 1 cup whole milk, 1 Tbsp sugar and 1/2 tsp vanilla into a quart ziplock baggy and close it up.  Then put 2 cups of ice and 7 Tbsp of salt into a gallon ziplock baggy.  Stick the quart baggy into the gallon one and close that one up.  Then if you want to be extra careful put that gallon baggy into another gallon baggy and close it up.  And now for the fun part...shake it up!  The kids all took turns shaking.  And before you know it (5-10 minutes) you'll have yourself some homemade vanilla ice cream.  And believe it or not it tasted good...and what a fun way to show the kids how ice cream is made!

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  1. Oh how funny - my niece that just spent the night was telling me about making ice cream at Vacation Bible School. I told her we should look up the recipe and try it out - it sounded to simple and easy to be true. And here you had the recipe on your blog....had I known. I will definitely try this out...I love ice cream!


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