Friday, June 17, 2011

Quick Recap of Thursday and Friday

Today the boys did a couple of cute crafts.  They constructed buildings out of a paper box and got to decorate it any way they wished...Vann got into this one a bit more than Chayce.  

Vann decorating his building
And then they made their own puzzles.  They colored it however they wanted.  A craft that will get used over and over!

Chayce coloring his puzzle
I'm looking forward to taking Chayce to his tumbling class in the morning.  He's my little no fear kiddo so, I'm sure he'll have a blast.  And then we have to return a ton of books to the library and get a bunch more for our theme we start next week...tutti frutti...all about fruits!  The kids love going to the library and picking out new books to read and movies to watch.  

A quick recap of yesterday, Thursday, the kids did a bunch of painting in the morning.  They painted Dad some gifts for Father's Day.  Even all the little kids really enjoyed painting...and it was mess free!  

Vann had t-ball last night. Chris was able to come and we also took Molly along...she loves to go on car rides with us :)  Then we all sat on my new big blanket I got that I's by Tuffo, I got the multi striped's so colorful!  We all fit on there with a ton of room to spare.  At one point Chris, Chayce and Molly were all snuggled up was so cute!  Of course, I didn't have my camera with me time for sure.  Vann is really enjoying t-ball this year.  When Chris asked him if he had fun, Vann said with a big smile on his face, 'It was awesome!'

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