Saturday, June 18, 2011


The boys and I went to Chayce's tumbling class this morning at the park district.  Vann played his ds while I chased Chayce around and attempted to get him to do everything Coach Paige wanted him to do. For it being his first class, he did really good.  He was super shy in the beginning, but once he warmed up he was all about it.  His favorite thing to do was roll down the tilted mat...he wanted to do that over and over again!

Then we headed to the library and picked out some new books and movies.  I discovered a self checkout in the kids section so, the boys had fun scanning their books that we checked out.  

When Chayce went down for his nap, my best friend Sam, picked me up and we were off to get her a tattoo!  I think I was just as nervous as she was.  But the guy was busy with another customer when we got there so, she's gonna have to go back later this week and get it done.  

Since both of our hubbies expected us to be gone for at least 2 hours, what do two girls do with some extra time to of course!  She needed some eye liner so, we stopped by Ulta and looked around a bit.  And I needed some juice boxes and batteries so, after Ulta we headed to Costco.  I love Costco!  You can definitely spend an arm and a leg in there though.  I always go in with a plan or else I'm in trouble.  But I did really good...I left spending under $40...not bad!  The best deal I got was my most favorite drink...Simply Raspberry Lemonade.  They had a 3 pack for $'s like $3.29 for just 1 at Target so, I was all over it!

Then I spent the rest of my night hanging with the boys.  Chris and I made dinner...pork chops, potato wedges with fresh herbs from the garden as a seasoning (they were so good!), broccoli and carrot dish (I tried a sauce from my new cookbook, Go Dairy Free, and it turned out ok...not bad, but not great either), and some fresh fruit with a little lime juice squeezed on it (I had this at that birthday party we went to not too long ago and I loved the lime juice on the fruit so, I tried it tonight...yum!).  

And to top the day off, after dinner I got some snuggle time with the boys while we watched an episode of Power Rangers (the boys love this show!).  A great way to end the day!

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