Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Garden tomatoes

Our tomato plants are getting so full!  But they're almost all still green.  I just love tomatoes straight from the garden.  Slice it up, sprinkle a little pepper on it...yum!  (I know, I know, most people sprinkle salt, but I grew up using pepper, whatever...)  I love that the kids love the tomatoes too.  When the cherry tomato plant decides to ripen up, the kids will have a hay day eating them right off the plant.  And the best is when they have tomato seeds all over their faces and shirts...love it!

The tomatoes we picked today...we ate them for lunch and dinner!

Today was Vann's last day of t-ball.  And guess what?!?!  Remember how I told you I left his cleats on the field last week...well, one of the coaches picked them up and brought them with this week...yay!  I was so thankful and relieved they weren't gone forever.  

Vann up to bat
Swing...he hit a fly ball!

Vann's having one of his good friends, Will, over tomorrow for a playdate.  He is sooooo excited!  I'm thinking of doing a taco bar for lunch.  Sounds fun, right?!  I think the kids will enjoy it.  I'll be sure to take pics and show them to you tomorrow.  

Ok, I'm off to relax a little...have a good night!

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