Saturday, July 16, 2011

The results...

I made some gooseberry muffins today.  I found a recipe online and then I changed it up to make them a bit healthier. failure!  Although, to give myself a little credit, if I had enough gooseberries to make another batch, I know exactly what I would do differently to make them great.  The taste was good, it was more the texture that I messed up on.  Oh well, you live and you learn!

We popped the popcorn on the cob yesterday for afternoon snack.  I followed the guy's advice and skipped the bag.  Result...totally fun watching the popcorn popping off the cob all over the microwave!  It scared the sh!t outta Chayce when it first started popping, but then he realized how cool it was.  

Molly has been loving her dog treats!  Result...makes me think I should start making some for her myself.  If I have time tomorrow, I'm gonna do some recipe searching or maybe I can find a cookbook all about healthy dog treats.  We'll see...

The honey...I'm loving the flavored honey.  It's so crazy to me how the strawberry honey tastes exactly like you think it would taste.  Strawberryish honey.  And it's totally natural.  Crazy!  I have a new respect for bees.  I try to eat yogurt everyday so, yesterday and today I added a little bit of strawberry honey and a sprinkle of bee pollen to my yogurt.  Result...very tasty!  

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  1. Don't ya just hate when you go to the trouble to bake something and it doesn't turn out?! Hopefully next time, those muffins sound good. Now I'm craving honey ;)


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