Thursday, July 21, 2011

Water fight!

It was supposed to be Vann's last day of t-ball today (they cancelled it Tues night because of the heat and rescheduled it for next Tues).  Anyhow, typically on the last day they only play one game and then they have a big water fight.  It's a lot of fun! 

Vann up to bat
Last year I was totally unprepared for the water fight.  This year, I was ready!  Well, not totally ready...I did have to make a quick run to Target right before t-ball to pick up two water guns...I don't know why I waited till the last minute, it just slipped my mind.  
Anwho, water guns - check, cooler filled with water to refill the guns - check, camera - check...we were ready for the water fight!  Some of the parents brought some water balloons for the kids which was fun too. The coaches are so great.  They let the kids soak them!  Everyone had a fun time!  

Vann grabbing a water balloon
Do you see Vann??
Little Chaycers and his water gun
All the action
All the kids (side note...there were a bunch of kids missing tonight) were lined up to receive their trophies when one of the coaches took our cooler and surprised them with some cold water!  He was dumping it on Vann's head as I took this picture!
Vann getting his trophy!
My shy little boy
He thinks the trophy is pretty cool!  It's like an action figure on a pedestal...his arms, head and waist all move.
The only downside of the night...I left Vann's super cool cleats on the soccer field!  Gosh, I'm so mad at myself, I can't stop thinking about it.  We turned around to get them, but of course they were gone and no one was in sight.  I'm really hoping someone picked them up with the intentions of bringing them back next Tuesday...fingers crossed!  They were only $20 and I can easily order another pair...but it still p!sses me off that I forgot them!  So, I'll impatiently patiently wait till Tuesday to see if they get returned.  

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  1. Wasn't t-ball fun? I think I enjoyed it as much as Henry did.... sorry about the cleats! Hope someone turns them in!


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