Monday, August 8, 2011

Bumble bees

Our craft today was to make a bumble bee puppet.  Really cute idea in theory, but a little too hard for the younger kids.  When I do art projects with the kids, I let them do everything (except I cut for the little kids - they get to practice cutting a couple of times a week outside of our daily art project...or if it involves stapling or hole punching, I do that too).  Anyhow, I've been very pleased with most of the art projects in the Funshine Express preschool curriculum...this one not so much.  The little kids got super frustrated trying to glue their bees stripes on.  So, I ended up doing it for them to avoid tears at the table.  But even though I had to help a lot with this project, they had a really fun time dancing around with their bumble bee puppets! 

Maddie, Vann and Mia dancing around with their bees!  
Chayce didn't want to get in on the picture, but I snapped one of him anyways while he was sitting on the couch.  Look at his ear...totally better!
Hope you are all enjoying your day!  

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  1. What a cute little craft! Okay you win...mommy of the year!


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