Friday, August 5, 2011

Ladybugs and Mosquito Bites

The kids made some ladybugs today and they turned out pretty cute!  

Vann painting the wings of his ladybug 
Chaycers painting his wings
Aren't those some cute ladybugs?!  Mia (top left), Nate (top right), Vann (bottom left) and Chayce (bottom right).

Speaking of bugs...the mosquitoes were terrible last night.  I even sprayed the boys down with bug spray and it didn't help.  As Chayce and I were watching Vann ride his bike after dinner, I swatted multiple mosquitoes off of him.  After about 10 minutes, I was done...back inside we go, away from those pesky bugs!  My little Chayce got a couple of really bad bites...and two of them were ones I swatted off of him, but the mosquitoes were too quick and got a little bite first...dam bugs!

One of those awful mosquitoes bit my baby's ear!!  Look how huge and swollen it is!  He also got bit twice on the on his left side right above his eye and one on his right side by his hair can kind of see them in the picture.  
He keeps touching it telling me...Mom it's really big!  Poor thing!

I tried a couple of natural ways to help the bites this morning so, I'm hoping when he wakes up after his nap they'll look a little better...we'll see.  I dissolved some baking soda in water and applied it to them for about 10 minutes.  Then I applied a little bit of tea tree oil to them...I hear that stuff fixes we will wait and see...fingers crossed!

Does anyone have any tricks up their sleeve for healing mosquito bites...especially when they get really swollen??


  1. Awww...poor little guy! Those mosquitoes are nasty! I use tea tree oil on bites too.

  2. I'm sorry....I was laughing when I saw the picture of him by the sing in awe of the ear. Then I read what happened and felt so bad for the poor little man.
    But the photo is funny....the expression on his face is like his entire ear is the bug and he's standing still because he's scare of it.

    Poor boy!


  3. PS: Tell him "uncle" Shaner will come kill those big bad bugs for him! :(

  4. Oh my word - you mentioned his ear was swollen, but now when I see the pictures....poor little guy!!! It is as if the ear doesn't belong on his body. I too have heard that tea tree oil is a cure-all, but have no first hand experience. I certainly hope that it is much less swollen tomorrow!


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