Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Great day for the park!

What a gorgeous day!!  We met some friends at the park this morning.  The kids had a lot of fun!  I didn't snap many pics...in fact just one...I was too busy chatting...oops! 

The kids were picking berries (and not eating them) from this little tree.  (Nate, Linda, Chayce, Viv, Mia and Ally)

Our theme this week is the Alphabet.  Today the kids made an alphabet book.  They worked on the cover and the first page.  We'll finish it the rest of this week.

The kids' Alphabet Books (Vann - top left, Nate - top right, Mia - bottom left, Chayce - bottom right)

They're excited about the show they get to watch before nap time!

Cute little Chaycers!  I'll explain what's on his nose in my Iowa post later today...

My sweet Vann!  

I bet you're wondering how our vacation in Iowa went...well stay tuned for a post later tonight about just that!  

Hope you are all enjoying this beautiful day!

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