Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Vann had his first practice for Kindergarten Soccer tonight.  It's through the park district.  He's on Team Mexico.  They have dark blue jerseys and he's number 7.  Chris was stoked about that because he was number 7 for a while when he played soccer.  We had a lot of fun watching him tonight!

Getting ready to practice dribbling the ball...Vann is in red in the middle of the picture.
Dad, Chayce and Molly

Taking a water break
He had a lot of fun!
After soccer practice, we came home, ate some dinner and then played a lot of Bop It.  Have you ever played it??  It's a fun little game...the boys love playing it.  Anyhow, little Chayce got a new high score tonight...he got 29!  And if you've ever played the game you know how good that is for an almost 3 year old!  I must also tell you Vann's high score, because well, it's awesome...his high score is 100!...which is as high as it will let you go.  Do your kids like Bop It?

Hope you all had a great day!

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