Saturday, September 10, 2011

Texture Collage

The kids made a collage yesterday out of different textures.  We talked about the 5 senses so, the craft focused on touch.  They had fun with it!  In fact, Vann made two collages because he liked it so much.  

Vann picking out another foam sticker

Vann and his collage
Chayce thinking about where to put the little red rectangle
Right there under the horse is a great spot! 
And another barn right there
How 'bout a horse down here?
Chaycers and his collage

We took Molly to the vet last night.  She has an ear infection...poor girl!  But we got her hooked up with some antibiotics so, she should be feeling better in no time.  Then after the vet I headed to Target for my weekly shopping trip.  I didn't get anything too exciting.  I did pick up some marshmallows though...I'm going to try making a marshmallow fondant for Chayce's green Power Ranger cake next weekend....we'll see how it turns out.

Speaking of birthdays, I think I'm all done shopping for Chayce's presents.  I feel like I need to get him one more thing, but I don't know what that one thing is so, unless I figure it out in the next couple of days...he's done.  

Hope you are having a great weekend!

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  1. Very cute pictures - loves Chayce's cheese! My sister recently reminded me of a texture collage and I have that on the docket for a project next week. :)


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