Thursday, September 8, 2011

Fun with Paint

Our craft today was to paint with a comb.  Sounds super silly, but the kids loved it.  They would load up their paint brush, put it on the paper and then scrape it with a comb.  It made cool marks on the paper.  They all thought it was neat!  

Chayce getting some paint
Now he's combing it
Vann's combing his
Getting more paint

Checking out his artwork
Chayce combing his paint

Chaycers and his artwork!
Vann and his artwork!

Vann had soccer practice tonight and it was chilly out there!  It's amazing how much the temperature has changed in the past couple of days.  After practice we headed to Costco.  I'm snack mom for the game on Saturday so, we went there to pick out fun snacks for the team.  By the time we got home, it was bath and bed time.  

I'm very excited to watch the season finale of Rookie Blue tonight!  Well, I'm not excited it's over, but I am excited to watch two hours of Sam and Andy hopefully making out.  Yes, yes, they finally hooked up last was about time!   

Ok, well as much as I'd love to keep chatting...I'm already gonna be going to bed late because of my show...I better get my butt off this computer!  See ya back here tomorrow :)

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