Monday, October 3, 2011

Kansas City Trip

We had such a good trip!  The wedding was fun a lot of fun.  The boys and I danced the night away!  Chris and I went out a couple of nights with his friends.  They're all such good people.  I always enjoy hanging out with them.  

We got into town Thursday late afternoon.  The hotel was nice, except there wasn't a pool...bummer!  Chris had to head out pretty much right when we got there so, Gma Rana, the boys and I got all settled into our room and then we went to get some dinner at a restaurant by our hotel.  

Vann coloring his menu
Chayce drinking his smoothie
Vann enjoying his smoothie

Friday morning we went to this fun Crayola center.  It was full of all kinds of activities for the kids.  Kind of like a mini children's museum.  Best of was free!!  To get there we drove to the train station and then walked through a bunch of above ground tunnels and got to see some fun things along the way.  

Gma Rana and the boys watching the train go by underneath us...they thought this was pretty cool!
Kind of a cool pic...
The boys checking out a big model train 
This is what they did pretty much the whole walk to the Crayola center...ran down the halls and tunnels in front of us

The boys really liked the Crayola center.  They didn't do many of the crafts they had, instead they ran from room to room checking everything out.  

Jamming out in the music room
Coloring his picture that got cut into a puzzle

Chayce's puzzle picture...he obviously wasn't too thrilled with this project...I love the pouty lips though!
Back in the music room...Vann peeking out the window...cute boy!

Next door to the Crayola center was a tour of everything Hallmark.  How it got started, how they make the cards and they also had a machine that makes know those cute itty bitty ones...the machine made those.  And it was enclosed by clear plexiglass so, you could see how the machine was doing it.  Chayce loved the bow maker and stood there pressing the button till he had like 6 in his hands.

Staring at the lady who's getting her bow made...he also succeeded in getting other people's bows just from watching them with sheer cuteness

The next bunch of pictures is from the reception on Friday night.  The place they had it at was pretty neat.  It opened up to the outside which was something I'd never seen before.  I was a bit nervous that the boys would try to escape down the street, but we set some boundaries and they did great!  They did have security guards at the entrance so, if a little one were to wander away they would notice.  But I was pleasantly surprised at how well all the kiddos behaved.  Everyone got along, they all played nicely, did a ton of running around and dancing, it was good.  

Chris, the best man, and Erin, the maid of honor
The bride and groom...Hannah and Aaron
They had a candy bar set up...this was a big hit with all the kids.  Vann's crunching on some rock candy.
Vann did the dollar dance with cute!
A bunch of other kiddos joined in during his dance
They brought out a ton of glowsticks when it got's Chayce checking out one of his
Dancing with his glowsticks...cuteness!
The Riley boys raiding the glow sticks again.  
The boys crashed at about 10pm...with glowsticks in hand...adorable!

Saturday we spent the day at Hannah and Aaron's house.  Both of their families are welcoming.  I chatted with Hannah's step mom for over an hour.  She's 73 years old and as cute as a button!  I think she was dressed trendier than I on most nights, she didn't miss a beat on the dance floor and she could hang with the big boys at the bar.  She lives on the Texas coast and runs on the beach every morning.  Super cute lady!  Anyhow, I enjoyed chatting with her.  

Saturday night we went out to eat at Joe's Crab Shack.  Not my most favorite place to eat, but Chris loves it so, that's where we went.  Our first choice was Oklahoma Joe's for some BBQ, but the line was crazy long so, that was out.  Dad and Gma Rana split a bucket of crab legs and Vann loved trying them!  

Eating some of Dad's clam chowder
Silly boy!
Another pic of the boys sleeping...this was Saturday night...they were all over the place this night.  I love how Vann is using Chayce as a pillow!  (Don't worry, Vann's pants aren't too short, they're just pushed up from all of his squirmyness.)  

Overall it was a great trip!  Got to do some fun stuff with the boys.  Got to go out with Chris a couple of nights without the boys...thanks Gma Rana!!  Got to see Chris's family and good friends.  Good times, good times!  

How was your weekend??


  1. Looks like a busy but fun weekend. I love that tunnel picture and the pic of the boys sleeping! Our weekend was okay. Too bad the weather was cold for half of it. I guess I just have to surrender to the fact that summer is officially over :(

  2. Sounds super fun! It also looks like Hannah and Aaron had a few things to cater to the little kids...that was smart of them. :) The new couple look very happy! Love the pics of the boys...cute smiles all around!


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