Saturday, October 8, 2011

My Busy Saturday

Today flew by!  I've been busy since the second I woke up.  I did get to sleep in till 7:15 so, that was nice.  Waking up to the boys chatter is much better than an annoying alarm clock.  

Vann had a soccer game this morning.  The team we played had this one kid who was crazy fast.  I thought for sure we were gonna get smoked.  But we held our own.  The other team did win, but only by 2 points.  Plus, we only had 5 of our 8 players...3 were out of town.  So, the kids were all super tired by the end of the game.  

Man was it gorgeous out today.  Sunny and 80 it!  

The rest of my day I spent baking, crafting and shopping.  My neighbor, Nicole's, kids are having a joint birthday party tomorrow.  Kayla is gonna be 2 and Billy will be 16.  I made an Elmo cake for Kayla...the cake is baked, the frosting is made and colored, but I chose to blog instead of frost it.  So, I'll either do it later tonight or tomorrow morning.  

I made Billy an ice cream cake.  This is my first time making one of these.  It's fairly easy...and it looks ok...we'll see how it tastes tomorrow.  I can't imagine it will be anything buy good since it's ice cream, oreo cookies and frosting, but we'll see...I'll let ya know the verdict.  

Billy's ice cream cake.  It's got an oreo cookie crumb crust, a layer of vanilla swirl ice cream (Nicole picked this flavor...I would've picked a more chocolatey one, but it's not my birthday :) ), another oreo cookie crumb layer, a layer of plain vanilla and then I used chocolate frosting to decorate with crushed up Kit Kat's sprinkled in the corners.  I think it looks ok for my first time.  Next time I'll try to be a little more creative with the decorating.  

I also baked her 36 red velvet cupcakes.  They are her absolute favorite!  

While Chayce napped, Vann and I did some shopping.  We had to buy one of my daycare kiddos, Nate, a present.  He turned 5 while we were out of town so, I'm a little late on the present, but better late than never, right?  We also got Kayla and Billy presents. And we picked up a few things for one of the Mario games we're gonna do at the birthday party.  

Speaking of Mario...I finished the cupcake decorations cute!  I'm really excited about this party.  I hope everything turns out the way I envision it in my head.  I have a lot of things to finish for the party still.  Tomorrow will be another busy day...this time mostly crafting.  

How was your Saturday?


  1. Awesome job on the ice cream cake sister!!! I can't believe u made an ice cream cake!!!! Kathryn

  2. My goodness women! You are A-mazing!! The ice cream cake looks awesome and I'm sure it will taste great too! How was my Saturday? I kept three kids alive with no injuries...impressed? ;-)


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