Saturday, October 8, 2011

School Fun

Our preschool theme was Safety Sense this week.  We talked about all kinds of safety...home, fires, strangers, etc.  We read a ton of books and did a bunch of crafts.  I was bad about taking pics...but I did get a few on Friday.  

Chayce is trying to get his stickers off.  One of their crafts was an exit door hanger.
Vann working on his project.

Vann and I studied Mexico this week.  One of the fun things we did was make our own tortillas.  I've never made them before and holy cow are they easy!  The kids loved dipping them in their chili (not a Mexican dish I know, but it's what was for lunch...I didn't plan that very well :) )  

Vann's rolling out his tortillas.
I cut the tortilla into pumpkins...seemed appropriate since it's October.  The kids loved them!

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  1. U r so cute!! pumpkin tortillas! It is fire safety week at alexis's school too!!!


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