Monday, October 17, 2011

Super Mario Party!

So, the big day finally came this weekend...the boys' joint Super Mario birthday party.  They had a great time with all of their little friends!  I didn't take as many pictures as I would have liked, but here are the ones I did take...

My Super Mario wall decor.  I ordered the wall clings from ebay.  The banner from birthday express.   And the rest of the scene, I made...the coin blocks, bricks, ground and pipe.  

Here are a few close ups of the wall... 

We played a couple of fun games.  At the beginning of the party, we had a Yoshi Egg Hunt using plastic easter eggs.  I hid gold coins inside the eggs for a fun surprise!

Another one of the games we played...Fireball Toss.  I made it out of a big box, some large oatmeal containers and a bunch of construction paper.  Turned out pretty cute I think!  They each got to throw 5 fireballs (I used the red balls from our ball pit balls).  And they won gold coins which they thought was pretty cool.  
Chow time!
Pinata!  Here's a link for the pinata I used.
I love how Jonathan has both of his hands full of candy...cute!

One of the games I was really excited about was a treasure hunt called 'Save the Princess!'  Since there are 8 worlds on the Mario game, I made clues coordinating with each world.  For example, World 3 is ice world on the game so, my clue said, 'Mario slips and slides on snow and ice, but penguin makes it really nice.  To get to World 3:  Find your favorite ice cream and tell us what you see!'  I had the next clue hidden in the freezer by the ice cream.  I bought these gold stars and taped my clues onto them.  This way the kids knew what they were looking for...a big gold star.  

I sent the kids all over the house...downstairs, upstairs, outside, back upstairs...all over!  It was a lot of fun.  The final clue led them outside to the side of our house where they found the princess sitting on top of a treasure chest with the last star which said, 'Yay!  You saved me!  You're the best!  Now for more Mario fun, open this treasure chest!'  Inside the treasure chest, I had all the kids' goody bags.  

The gold stars with their clues.
The treasure chest.  I covered a cooler with brown construction was super easy!  I had to use different shades of brown cuz that's what I had, but I think it worked.  
Why are there two princesses you ask??  The pink one, Princess Peach, is in regular Mario and the peach one, Princess Daisy, is in Mario Party.  Vann wanted to use them both...although he knew nothing about the treasure chest...I kept that a surprise!
All of the goody bags inside the treasure chest.

The's my vent about the cupcakes.  I think the stand and the toppers turned out good.  The cupcakes, not so much.  I think they tasted ok...but their appearance was not up to par.  I made everything lactose free so, Chayce could eat it and well, frosting is hard.  I have yet to find a recipe I can decorate well with.  This one started out good.  I made it, stuck it in the fridge for a bit, then piped in on in a cute little swirl like I always do....but it started getting all melty.  My nice, pretty cupcakes became not so pretty.  Turns out...the lactose free butter I use is not solid at room temperature...good to know.  Maybe should've practiced this before the party.  Oh well, such is life!  I know now for next time.  And I meant to incorporate more little Mario guys on the cupcake stand, but time just got away from me and I barely remembered to snap a pic of the cupcakes at all.

The not so pretty cupcake display.
The cupcake toppers.  The kids loved these!  They picked their cupcake out by who was on the topper.  I bought the Mario stickers on ebay.  And click here for how I made them.  
Singing Happy Birthday to my little Chaycers.  He loved it!
Blow!  He needed some help with this.
Next sweet Vannipants!  I love how he's smiling with his friend Jen calls this smizing!
Make a wish!
Cupcake time!
I love how Chayce is eating his cupcake...too cute!
That was good!
Half of the boys' loot...they got totally spoiled!!
The other half...lots of really fun stuff!  I gotta tell ya...see that Perfection game...we played that all night long.  And by we, I mean all the adults!  
Aunt Casey helping Vann put together his Mario Kart Wii track.  Chaycers is holding his light saber and watching a movie on the couch.  Molly's there for moral support :)

Vann playing with a little Lego guy.
Chayce got this cool car that lights up...he loved it!  He would press the button and then jam out...adorable!
Vann checking out R2D2...Star Wars is a big hit in our house right now.
More dancing!
The boys sword fighting with their light sabers.
We even turned off the lights and had a fun light show!

Kinda cool pic!

 And that's it!  That pretty much sums up our party day.  The boys had such a great time!  My project this week is to make room for all of their new toys.  I have lots of rearranging, reorganizing and purging to do.  

Hope you all had a great weekend!

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  1. Wow must be tired after that party! You did an amazing job. A party to remember :)


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