Thursday, October 20, 2011

Our Week So Far

We've been busy this week, but in a whole new way.  Now that we're done party planning, we can focus more on playing and crafting and learning and relaxing and all that fun stuff.  I love this kind of busy!

Our preschool theme this week is Web Wonders...all about spiders, webs and Halloween.  We've been doing some cute crafts.  

The two little black creatures are bats...then there's the web they weaved for their spiders...and last we have the spiders you can make 'crawl' up the string.
We've been reading all sorts of fun books.  My favorite is when the kids keep asking for more books!  The library was just about all out of Halloween books...figures since Halloween is right around the corner.  I managed to find a couple though.  

Speaking of Halloween, my mom and I went shopping while she was here and we picked up the boys' costumes.  They're both super excited!  Star Wars is the theme this year and they picked their costumes out themselves.  Vann is going as General Grievous and Chayce is going to be Darth Vader.  They've been wearing their masks all week!

Chayce wanted to be like his big brother this morning and do 'his' school work too.  So, I pulled out Tangoes Jr. for him to work on.  He loves this game!  

He was so cute...every time he would get a piece right he did a little happy dance...adorable!
Trying to get the piece just right.
Vann's doing his math workbook.  
He's cute when he concentrates!

Usually we do 2 math lessons every day, but sometimes we switch it up a bit and do one lesson and a game.  Today was one of those days.  So, after his lesson he played some Unifix Sudoku...and he's pretty good at it!  

Trying to figure out his next move...
Got it...the red one goes over here!
Almost done!
So proud of my little man!

Over the weekend, my mom took the boys shopping at Toysrus for their birthday presents.  Vann wanted Legos.  He has a few Lego sets, but they're all smaller ones.  When we got to the store, Gma Connie told him he could pick out whichever one he wanted.  He was in heaven!  He, of course, went straight to the Star Wars section of the Lego aisle.  Scoped them out for a bit and ended up with the biggest set of Legos he's ever had...810 pieces!!  He was so excited he even kissed the box!  

Here he is with his awesome Star Wars Lego ships that he put together all by himself...he just loves them!

Ok, well I'm off to watch some Grey's Anatomy.  Hope you had a great day!!


  1. So much fun! I love the 'crawling' spiders!! We did that with lizards, but I never thought to do spiders. Thanks!

  2. Wow, that is amazing Vann put that all together! We have yet to discover Lego here...probably soon.

  3. Very cool! As much as all the pieces of legos are so tiny and all...I do think it is amazing when the kids figure it out and put it together. Way to go, Vann!!


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