Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Hello There!

Not much to report today.  Just wanted to stop by and say 'Hello!' before I snuggle up and watch new fav show.  

Took Molly to the vet today.  She has a rash on her back legs and belly.  The vet said it was allergies...said they're common in golden's.  So, she's got some medicine that will hopefully start making her less poor Molly.  

One super fantastic thing happened today...I got a great deal on the new science program I've been wanting to start with Vann.  Seriously, I'm so excited about it!  It's the Magic School Bus Science Club.  They send you monthly kits for a year and since we love reading Magic School Bus books...they're silly, yet informative...I'm hoping we will love this program.  It's brand new and starts up in January.  What makes me most excited about it is that I saved 50% when I bought me some bargains!  They have a Groupon for it right now so, if you're interested go check it out...but hurry, the Groupon only lasts till tomorrow.  Vann loves getting mail so, it'll be a fun thing to look forward to every month.  

Have I told you how much I dislike the fact that it gets dark soooo early.  Really don't like it...not one bit.  Another reason I'm not a winter fan. 

Ok, well hope your day was super!  I'm off to snuggle up in my cozy red blanket!

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  1. I hate the early darkness too! But I love to cuddle under my warm blanket and watch my PVR :)


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