Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Turkey Tuesday...

Our preschool theme this week is obviously Thanksgiving.  So, we've been talking about pilgrims, turkeys, etc.  Yesterday the kids made a cute little turkey out of their footprint.  They thought the painting part was a lot of fun...giggled the whole time!  After their footprints dried they added some feathers, eyes and a beak.  

Chayce drawing a beak for his turkey.

Vann adding his turkey's beak.

The boys and their footprint turkeys!

Watching a cartoon while I cooked dinner.  Notice Chayce's red upper lip...he's had a runny nose/cough all day he's not looking so hot. 

Last night I gave the boys a much needed hair cut.  I've been putting it off for weeks now so, it was time.  Today, they decorated a turkey.  They all enjoyed it!

Tracing the i's and t's on his paper.

Decorating his turkey

Vann lined all his papers up...

'I need a dark blue one.'  Chayce said.

Coloring his turkey

Gluing on his papers

Coloring the outside....see that cute face...he always does it when he's working on something....sucks his cheeks in

Making the turkey's eye with his right hand...

Now with his left hand...

Chayce and his turkey!

Vann and his turkey!

So, I was on the computer tonight after dinner and I glance down and my ring catches my eye.  The prongs are empty!  My first instinct was to freak out...but then I quickly thought to myself, stay calm the diamond could be on my lap or something so, no sudden movements.  I begin to look around and then realize that it didn't actually fall out of my ring, it just fell out of the prongs and settled down into the setting.  I was relieved to have not lost the diamond...but pissed that it fell out of the prongs.  So, after work tomorrow I'm gonna take it in to have them fix it.  I really hope this isn't going to be a reoccurring problem with my ring...that's the last thing I need to worry about all the time.  I gotta tell ya...I never thought I'd get used to wearing a ring, but now I feel naked without it on!

Ok, I am sooo tired right now.  My eyes are begging to let them shut.  So, I'm off to bed!  Hope your day was great!

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