Sunday, November 20, 2011

Museum Day

We had a fun day at the Museum of Science and Industry yesterday.  In fact, I can't wait to go back!  We have so much more exploring to do there.  One of my favorite things to see was the baby chick hatchery.  They had these great big incubators.  One incubator had eggs that were getting ready to hatch...some eggs had little holes in them where you could tell the chick had pecked and was trying to get out...some had just hatched and the chicks were still all wet and too weak to really move around much.  And the other incubator had fluffy yellow chicks running flippin' cute!  There's just something about a baby animal that gives you a warm and fuzzy feeling and makes you say, 'Aaawwww!'  

Another cool part was the whispering room.  Turns out I was wrong and Chris has been to the museum before...and one of the things he remembers about it was this neat room.  Chris and Chayce stood on one end of the room facing this curved wall thing and Vann and I stood on the other end of the room facing another curved wall thing.  We were facing opposite directions so, we couldn't see each other.  Then you whisper.  And you can hear the person whispering loud and clear because of how the sound waves bounce off this curved thing.  Pretty cool!

The exhibit, YOU! The Experience, was super cool.  They showed the insides of your body...muscles, digestive tract, everything.  Sounds gross, but it was neat.  The coolest part, for me, was the area where they showed fetuses at different stages of a pregnancy, ranging from like 3 weeks up until 38 weeks (I may be wrong on the don't mark my words).  There were probably 15 or so different babies.  It's amazing how much is developed so early in the pregnancy...and I already knew this, of course, but to actually see the teeny tiny baby with hands and feet...just amazing!  I got teary eyed if I thought too hard about what I was really looking's definitely something I will remember for a long time.  

Gosh, there was so much neat stuff to see I could sit here all day and list it off.  So, instead I'll just show you some of the pics I took...

Chris and the boys trying to get the black circle to the top of the green stuff

Playing in the train car

On the trolley car...notice the Star Wars them the other night when we bought the jammies.

Baby chicks!

The chicks that were just hatching

Playing in the Dr Seuss area

Building with a bunch of silly pieces

They were in the wind tunnel...the wind blows up to 80 miles an hour!  They were laughing so loudly that people around us stopped to watch them...and they started laughing too!

Sitting on a cow in the farm area

Changed my camera setting

Playing in the Idea Factory before we left.  Had all kinds of stuff you'd see at a children's museum.

Vann was pumping this lever to make the funnel appear...

He did it till he got it all the way to the top!

Today, I did some shopping.  Got some more Christmas stuff for the boys.  Mostly stocking stuffers...lots of action figures.  We have really large stockings so, it takes quite a bit to fill them up.  I think the stocking is as big as Chayce!  Everyone in my fam has the same stockings.  My grandma makes them for us when we're born...such a fun tradition...I love it!

What did you do this weekend?  

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  1. Since it was the last thing I read, I love the homemade stockings!! Every year I say I am going to make the boys stockings...and every year I don't. Buddy's stocking, oddly enough, is the only one homemade - it is a bone. :)

    Okay, I am so taking the boys to the museum! It looks awesome and I haven't been there in forever!!


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