Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Lights

We took a little road trip tonight.  We fed the boys an early dinner, threw them in the tub, got their Star Wars jammies on and we all jumped in the car.  We set out to find some Christmas lights!  After some research I found this place that's about 40 minutes away and I wanted to check it out.  It was $10 a car to drive through about a 2 mile display of lights so, I figured it had to be kinda good.  On the way there the boys watched Rudolph...Chris's favorite holiday movie.  

So, how were the lights??  Just ok.  I mean the kids liked them...but I wasn't impressed.  But it was a fun family memory and that's all that really matters.  Their cute giggles and 'oh wow's' were enough for me.  It was different from any light display I've ever seen.  There weren't houses lit was a bunch of animated things lit up.  Like snowmen fishing, snowmen ice skating, stuff like that.  The kids really loved a couple of them...a huge pirate ship, very large dinosaurs, but the best was what Chayce called hills...they were arches that went over the street so, we drove through them...he kept saying 'those hills are so cool!'  

When we got home the house smelled so good.  The cinnamon raisin bread I threw in the bread maker was done baking.  So, the boys had a yummy treat before bed and they loved it!  

Remember those Christmas presents the boys got from Casey and Kirk last night?  Well they were huge hits with the boys.  The first thing Vann did when he got up this morning was build his Lego Star Wars ship.  Then he and Chayce put their Playmobil pirate ship together.  Then they got the army bucket out.  They played army guys  No joke...hours of army guys.  And the best part...they got along the entire time!  Who knew a bucket of army guys could be so much fun!  

Playing army guys on the kitchen floor.  They played them on the carpet for awhile, but the guys don't stand up very well so, they moved to the kitchen floor.

Hope your day was great!  We'll chat more tomorrow :)

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  1. Dude, there's nothing better than Army guys. They're the cat's meow! (I don't know.) :D


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