Monday, December 12, 2011

Legoland Discovery Center

I promised you pictures from our visit to the Legoland Discovery Center a couple of weekends ago.  The things they had built out of Legos was quite impressive.  What a fun create lifesize animals and people out of Legos!  

Vann by a big tiger

Indiana Jones

Lily pads

A hippo!

An alligator

There was this windy hallway with glow in the dark paint all over it...there's little Chayce rounding the corner

Vann and Dad...we were on the Dragon ride

The big dragon

The boys playing on the lion

Oh no!  He ate Vann!

Chayce is trying to escape from the lion's mouth

Checking out the little play land they had


Chayce sitting in a big bucket of Legos!

The boys building a big tower that I of course didn't get a picture of

The best part...R2D2 and Darth Vader...they loved them!

How cute are they?!

So, there you have it...our visit to Legoland.  It was a lot of fun and hopefully we'll be able to go again soon!  

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