Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Snap Circuits

One of the toys Santa brought Vann was this Snap Circuits Jr. kit.  The boys are loving it!  They are building circuits, with the help of the book that comes with the kit, that create lights, sound, etc.  What's great is that when they're all done, everything stores nicely in the box it came in.  I love that!  Here's few pics of them making their first circuits...

Building one to make light

It worked...the light turned on!

Now he's building one that makes sound...

Connecting the wire to the sound part

Turn it on...it worked!  It was the tune of Happy Birthday and they thought it was hilarious!

I took the boys to open gym at the gymnastics center tonight.  They loved it!  I think I'm gonna sign them up to start classes in January.  Vann also really wants to do swimming lessons so, I need to get my butt over to the park district and sign them up for that too.  

Okay, well I'm sleepy so, I'm off to bed.  Hope you had a great day!

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