Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Winter break...sort of

I had a bit of a less busy day today.  My one daycare family's mom is a teacher so, her winter break started today and I won't have her kiddos for 2 weeks.  As much as I miss the kids, it's nice to have a little break....especially around the holidays.  I do still have my other daycare kiddos though so, it's not a total break, but I'll take whatever I can get.  

I found some more pics of the boys playing army guys the other day.  I just can't believe how much they like them.  I never would've guessed they would be such a big hit.  Probably because it was just me and my sister growing up so, naturally we didn't have any army guys in our toy room.  

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Today we did a lot of little crafts and stuff.  I didn't get pics of most of it, but I did capture a few of them creating winter scenes.  Vann asked if he could make a Mario winter scene...of course you can buddy, you can make whatever winter scene you're little heart desires!  So, he did just that.  Chaycers wanted to paint with his Crayola Wonder paint thing.  He made four Mario pictures...he even explained them all to cute!  

Vann and Chayce hard at work

Vann and I have been learning about China this week.  He's been calling Chayce 'didi' all week.  That's little brother in Chinese.  And when he learned that father was 'baba' he immediately ran to Dad and said, 'Hey Baba!'  Chris was like, 'What?'  

The boys are still really into the Magic Tree House books.  I actually bought the first four off of Amazon instead of borrowing them from the library because Vann said he would like to try and read them again by himself after we read them together.  So, I thought it'd be great to add them to our home library of books.  I'm sure we'll end up with he whole set when it's all said and done.  

Alrighty, well I gotta fold some laundry before I go to bed so, I better get on that.  Hope you all had a super day!  

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  1. I bet my boys would like that army guys thing too. Like you, I have no idea what boys like. Everyone keeps asking me what the boys want for Christmas. And I honestly don't know. I grew up with dolls ;)


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