Tuesday, January 17, 2012


The boys had their first gymnastics class tonight.  They both did awesome and had such a great time!  And they were both tired little boys when they were done.  Chayce loved his coach and always wanted to hold her hand when they moved to the next station.  He was a bit nervous when it came time to flip over the bar, but he did do it two of the five or six times.  His favorite is the trampoline.  What's nice is that there are only 4 kiddos in his class so, they got to spend a lot of time on each thing. 

Little Chaycers doing his stretches

Vann is in a class with older boys.  He's the only Kindergartener, but the coach said he did great!  He definitely has a lot to learn, but I know after a few more classes he'll build his confidence and he'll be rocking it.  What I was most happy about was that he tried everything, even the things I thought for sure he would be nervous about.  His coach seems really good.  I'm pretty sure Vann is going to sleep like a rock tonight...he was a busy little boy!

Coach helping Vann with his cartwheel

Pops, that what the boys call Chris's dad, brought his guitar out the other night and the boys had a great time dancing around to his music.  Here's a couple of pics...

Chayce being silly!

Pops and Chayce

I think they were trying to do ring around the rosie

Even Molly's enjoying watching Pops play the guitar!

Our theme this week is Wheels.  This is right up the boys alley.  Our craft was a big hit today.  It involved cars and paint...win, win!  Here's some pics...

Chaycers vrooming his car on his paper

Vann loading his car up with paint

They enjoyed trying all kinds of different cars to see how their tracks differed

I didn't get a chance to watch Castle last night so, I'm off to watch it right now.  Hope you had a great day! It's my Dad's birthday today...Happy Birthday Dad!!  Love you!  Below is the video we sent him today...

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